2014 – The Year In Review

The Alienists takes this opportunity to thank his loyal readership, and to share some interesting stats from the year gone by.

Unique individual website views in 2014 totaled 9716, more than double the 4601 who visited the site in 2013. As a point of comparison, last year’s Internet traffic represents the equivalent of four sold-out shows at the Sydney Opera House.

The busiest day of 2014 for The Alienist was 6 July, with 154 visits to my comments on direct-to-consumer Rx advertising and the use of placebos. See it at http://alienistscompendium.com/vault-bane-professional-existence/.

The other top-performing posts included those of 1 January, A Medieval Quarrel http://alienistscompendium.com/a-medieval-quarrel/; 3 February, Hybristophilia http://alienistscompendium.com/hybristophilia/; 2 April, Mummia http://alienistscompendium.com/mummia/; and the still-unfinished year-long Death Takes A Holiday saga, the first installment being at http://alienistscompendium.com/death-takes-a-holiday-i/.

[resolution to self for 2015: really must complete that series soon…]

Most amazingly, in 2014 The Alienist had viewers from 102 countries (!!), up from ‘only’ 26 countries in 2013. The USA was the most common source of visits, but the UK and Canada were not far behind.

And luckily, although I posted about the late Kim Jong Il on 22 October in Modern Ozymandias, http://alienistscompendium.com/medical-records-dept-modern-ozymandias/, his son’s legions of hackers were too busy attacking Sony Pictures to pay much attention to me.

Happy New Year!

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